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Executive Committee Report

The year in review by Brett Webster, Adam Zummer and Jason Lee.






Where do we start?      



After 2 interrupted seasons, preseason presented us with new challenges, by way of unseasonal wet weather closing all grounds for most of the start of the year.  As the clubs met to discuss the upcoming season, the forecast was for a wet winter but no one actually knew what we would be in for.  With the first 2 rounds postponed due to wet weather, footy finally got underway and then begun a season like no other in the history of Tigers footy. 


We started the season with teams in the 9s, 10s, 12s and 17s, whilst working with Ingleburn for the 14s girls and with both Ingleburn and Bankstown for 13s and 14s. Our immediate goals where to get every kid that wanted to play footy, to play footy, and we were able to achieve this.  As the season progressed and the weather impacted most clubs, our beloved Greenway came through to not only host footy for our teams, but also Liverpool, Ingleburn, Bankstown, Macarthur, Fairfield and Hawkesbury.  We were so fortunate to be able to support these clubs and the entire Western Sydney competition, hosting ~20% of all junior games for the region.


The club also played host to both Harbour and Senior games, which again highlighted how great we are as a club and how we have so many wonderful people preparing to spend most of their Sunday, each and every week to ensure that games went ahead.  This is something to be so proud of as a club.


We then take a look at our footy performance across the club.  We welcomed new players, new coaches, new manager, new volunteers and new partnerships, with the goal of having fun and developing great players and great people along the way.  Our 9s and 10s or Tiger Cubs did so well.  They not only helped each other every week, but we were also proud to be able to help other teams throughout the season.  These players are our future and we cannot wait to see how they grow over the years.  The 13s and 14s both had challenging seasons, but pulled together to go out and have fun.  To all these players you did your club proud and know that next season will be bigger and better.  Then we had the 12s and 17s, different stories, different journeys but both would go to the big dance.  On the day, both would fall short, but what an effort by both teams and they were outstanding.  We are immensely proud of them all.


In a first for the club, we were honoured and proud to host the 2022 Western Sydney Junior Grand Finals at Greenway Park.  It was great recognition for an outstanding season by the club, and we got to highlight what we can do as a club.  We all worked hard and delivered an outstanding day for all.  The field and area was decked out on black and gold, whilst people from all around came to enjoy a great day hosted by our great club. 




We also need do some thank you’s for 2022.  To our players, everything we do as a club, we do for you.  We want you to play hard, play fair and do your club proud. To our Coaches and Managers, your support of the players and the club is outstanding.  You give up your time to develop our kids into both good footy players and even better people.  To our volunteers, without you we don’t have a club.  Starting at 6 am on a cold and wet Sunday morning can be difficult, but you rose above and ensured that when teams and their supporters come to Greenway they had a great day.  They say that it takes a village to raise a child, well we are trying to raise a village of children and as a club we are doing a wonderful job and the best is yet to come.


So, 2022 was a great year, filled with ups and downs.  But we all worked together, we played hard, and had fun.  And in the end, we all showed what it is like to be part of the Tigers family!


Can’t wait to see you all for another season of Tigers footy and remember, everyone has to bring 2 friends to come and play footy in 2023!







South West Tigers Executive Committee






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