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A Top-Hatted Tiger

Talents come in all sorts and we want to celebrate each and every achievement that our tiger family want to celebrate. One of our Tigers has completed a specialised program at his school in traditional gentleman behaviours. It focuses on pillars of respect, etiquette, presentation and handyman skills. They learn to do up ties, make hot chocolate and cheese toasties, construct furniture, how to shake hands properly and the importance of opening doors for others and giving your seat to the elderly, ladies and those with mobility issues. Tiger Eamon has successfully completed the program and was the quickest in the program to put together the furniture and helped others complete theirs. With respect as a cornerstone of what we value here at the Tigers, we are very happy and proud to celebrate Eamon's success and subsequent graduation from Gentleman's Club. (He was even wearing his tigers gear proudly at the presentation as it was school mufti day)


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