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Under 10’s 2022



Coach:           Aimee Walker


Manager:       Kathryn Brown



Coach’s Report for 2022 Season …



It was a pleasure to be asked to coach the under 10s this season despite being asked a few rounds into the season. Coaching these kids had been a blast as they all had kept me on my toes even though we were in a non competition age group.  The kids had always known what the score was even when I hadn’t, always coming off at the breaks and telling me what the score was.


Despite me coming into coach later into the season I had formed a great connection with all the kids within the side and I hope that we continue to have that connection next season.


No matter whether we were at training or on game day we were always having a blast, dancing or just having fun, all the kids were always having fun. I hope that they continue to have fun while playing no matter what age group they are playing in.


I would also like to thank the under 9s who had played up every week to help out the 10s and I hope that those kids have also learnt something off me coaching them.



Aimee Walker




Now lets meet the Under 10’s players…




Oliver Bennett

Club Debut – 2022

Career Games – 10



Oliver you were one of the more spontaneous ones on the team but as soon as you stepped on to the footy field you were a team player always willing to help out your team mates during the play. Coaching you was a delight always keeping me on my toes either at training or on game day. Keep up the good work and I hope you keep developing your skills.




Ethan Brown

Club Debut – 2022

Career Games – 22


One of the future leaders of the club, Ethan has been one of the few within the team that I could trust to help out with keeping the team together.  It was so great seeing someone as young as Ethan have the knowledge that he does of the play and the way he reads the ball is amazing.  I hope you keep playing and learning new skills and cannot wait to see where your journey takes you.



Summer Power

Club Debut – 2022

Career Games – 8



Despite being one of the few girls within the competition you had shown the boys within the completion that you were a force to reckon with. No matter where I had put you within the game you had shown your skills. It is great seeing you play on the field and develop your skills and knowledge of the game. I cannot wait for what you career brings you Summer.



Michali Stavros

Club Debut – 2022

Career Games – 17



Again Michali you always kept me on my toes. But despite all that craziness you had been a star on the footy field always being at the ball when it came to you. You were able to move the ball down the field to our forward line. It was a great pleasure being able to coach you this year and cannot wait for your journey and what comes of it.



Mason Stewart

Club Debut – 2020

Career Games – 28



Mason I see you also as a future leader of this club as your knowledge and skills of the game are incredible for your age. It was a pleasure to coach you this season and help you develop Le your skills and knowledge. No matter what was happening on the field you were always at the play helping out your team mates moving the ball forward. I cannot wait to see where you go from here with your career.

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