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Under 12’s Div. 2 2022



Coach: Christopher Walker


Assistant Coach: Mitchell Seal and Brett Webster


Manager: Kate Webster



Coach’s Report for 2022 Season …



2022 heralded the second session of competition footy for this group.  With the 2 previous seasons cut short due to COVID, the team was itching to play, especially after looking the goods the year before in being the team to catch for the season.


The year started with challenges, not only due to the inclement weather, but as there were key losses to the playing roster over the off season.  We saw key players move interstate and others chose different paths, meaning that there was a rebuild of sorts for 2022.  We saw new players join the team, some being their first season of AFL and others coming in from other clubs, but one thing soon became evident, that they would live and breathe the values of being a Tiger!  With minimal to no pre-season, the team had little time to gel, and that showed in the first game.  But that also saw a fire in the team to train hard, an develop as a unit to build upon the previous year’s success.


As the season continued, you could see the confidence rise in the group.  There skill level was increasing and they started to believe more in themselves.  This culminated in a win at home against the side we would eventually play in the Grand Final, Macarthur.  This is when the side truly started to believe.


We strengthened our coaching ranks, by welcoming Coach Mitch to the Tigers family.  With a wealth of knowledge and a willingness for all players to be the best they can be, our game became more calculated and strategic, moving away from purely natural ability and to planned and structured play.


Watching the team and their opposition throughout the season, one thing was very clear, we played as a team.  Many sides would rely upon 4 or 5 players to do a bulk of the work, the difference for the Tigers was that everyone had a role and they were committed to doing their role, for themselves and for their team mates.  To have this instilled in a team at such a young age was impressive and inspiring, ensuring that each and every week they made their families and their club proud.


As the season continued it became evident that there were two standout sides, and as fate would have it, the two teams would meet in the decider.  Footy is about many things, ability, desire, commitment and belief.  Going into the Grand Final, we had most of those requirements, but perhaps fell a bit short on belief and as such we didn’t get the result that we would like, falling to Macarthur on the day.


Finishing second, in their first full competition season is a wonderful achievement and one that they should all be proud of.  The support that the team received from parents and other families within the club was outstanding and that is purely because of who each and everyone of our players are as people. 


At the start of the season, our goal was and will also be to create great footy players, but also to help shape them as better people.  We are extremely proud of you all and thank you for a wonderful year.  No matter the final outcomes, the past or the future you will always be Tigers and we will always remember 2022 as a wonderfully successful season.




Christopher Walker





Now lets meet the Under 12’s players…




Felix Capdor

Club Debut – 2022

Career Games –  10


Felix joined us a little bit later than everyone else, but he hit the ground running. Naturally an athlete with excellent agility, Felix showed good skill and competitiveness from his very first game. A bit of a character, Felix always became the life of the party at training and liked to get around his teammates and have fun. With fun being part of our Tigers mantra this year, Felix was one of the ones that led the way. When things got hard, Felix became resolute and would give as much of himself as he could to try and turn momentum and help the team out of tough situations. Nothing deterred him from doing what was needed. A happy young man with a wonderful demeanour, Felix was a pleasure to have in the team.



Amon Choyce

Club Debut – 2022

Careeer Games - 13


Another of our backline stalwarts who held up our defensive unit, with speed and class, Amon had a massive year. As coaches, whenever we saw Amon coming into play, you took a deep breath and knew things would be alright. He instilled confidence in those around him. A quiet and unassuming individual, Amon often went under the radar from opposition but never from us as we could see the incredible impact he had on the game and the team. Passionate about the game, the club and team, Amon left everything on the field, every time he took to it and it was obvious to all. One of the first each week to shake hands with the coaches, Amon is a very respectful young man who should be very proud of the contribution he made to the team and those around him this year.



Hendrix Faaola

Club Debut – 2019

Career Games - 50


Our unwavering ruckman! Hendrix was a big focal point in our team. Other teams needed to find ways to combat him, and most common option was for them not to try. A strong young man with a kids and compassionate heart, Hendrix is well loved in the side for his humour and good nature, the football skills are just a bonus. A big, strong young man, Hendrix played his part in our side well and often was selfless in his efforts to get us off on the right start. At training, Hendrix just kept going. We could throw a mountain of work his way and he never tried to back out of it, he showed up and he got it done. His resiliency when things went a little bit wrong got better as the season progressed and he should be very proud of that.



Yazen Gad

Club Debut – 2022

Career Games – 12


Yaz has been such a wonderful part of our team this year. Always smiling and competing as best he can, Yaz stayed upbeat and tried to keep the team upbeat even in hard games or hard moments. That’s not an easy task and Yaz was valiant in sticking to it and wanting to lift their spirits. What a wonderful trait in a person growing up. On the field Yaz was a member of our forward line and gave it everything. Showing his determination to do the best he can, Yaz put his body on the line in the grand final that ended up in injury BUT even given that, he tried to stay on and battle through it. Yaz should be commended on a wonderful season, and we look forward to more years with him at the Tigers.



Victoria Johnson

Club Debut – 2019

Career Games – 46


V just doesn’t know how good she is! Through the year we saw V shut out quality players by beating them in 1 on 1 contests and we saw her hit the scoreboard kicking 7 goals throughout the season as our 3rd highest goal scorer. Always smiling, V was happy to give any training drill or game day role her absolute best and it saw her get better and better every session and game. When it comes to character off the field, V showed time and again her wonderful disposition. She always shows care and compassion for those that may have been injured, she stuck up for those that couldn’t stick up for themselves, and she always celebrated everyone else’s success knowing it didn’t diminish her own. A pleasure to have in the team.



Andreas Kalofonos

Club Debut – 2018

Career Games – 35


Andreas was one of our surprise packets this year. Started the season struggling to cement a spot that suited him until an opportunity in the backline saw something click and he was then a man on a mission. It gave the team great confidence to know that whoever we set Andreas to mark up on would have a tough day as he was not going to give any opponent anything easy. Andreas showed amazing self-discipline to hold down these defensive roles and give them so much attention. We also got to see Andreas’ passion for the game and his team. He became a vocal member in group discussions and then we even got to see him bust a move after a training session. Was wonderful to see him comfortable to be himself and we welcome him for many more years to come.



Kabir Kukreti

Club Debut – 2018

Career Games – 66


The smiling assassin. Was sometimes accused of just being too nice on the field. A delightful young man that, through his body language and actions, has “leader” written all over him. On the field, a talented individual that played a big chunk in the backline before a late move to the midfield, Kabir was admired by peers and opposition alike. The ultimate team player. Off the field, exemplary young man. Kabir was the first player in the team to shake hands with the umpires after every single game and he is one of few that look you in the eye when he shakes your hand or is talking. Upholding all the traits that we are building the club on here at the Tigers, Kabir envelopes Tigers spirit and plays the game hard but fair. Should be commended on a magnificent season.



Benjamin Medina

Club Debut – 2020

Career Games – 18


Benny missed a big part of the year but when he came back, he became our new Mr Fix-it. Often the first name mentioned when we needed to move someone to cover an unexpected rotation. Everyone knew that Benny would get in there and give the task everything he had regardless of what we asked of him. A rock in defence, an option forward, or part of our engine room midfield from the wing, Benny could cover the ground in anyway we needed as the ultimate utility man. A very quiet and kind young man who seems to enjoy being among his teammates and I know his teammates enjoy being around. A pleasure to have in the team.




Nicholas Nardis

Club Debut – 2021

Career Games – 14


The off-field development of Nick was as inspiring as his on-field development. A genuine ball winner, Nick developed an understanding of how to bring his teammates into games and how to celebrate the achievements of others. Often the first to congratulate someone on a goal or good moment, Nick saw how much that meant to his team and began to celebrate those moments as much as his own. A leader among the midfield, Nick has a range of skills that are excellent for his age and will only get better as well as he dedicates himself to them. Good game sense and understanding of the flow of the game, Nick provided a lot of sparks throughout the year. An unbridled passion that shows through his commitment, Nick should be really pleased with himself after a high-quality year.



Jack Northcott

Club Debut – 2021

Career Games – 14


An unheralded workhorse, Jack consistently put his head down and went to work. A consistent member of our backline, Jack was a big part of the reason that we had the best defensive record throughout the regular season. Diligent and hardworking, Jack provided great strength in our backs and a great temperament in defence that kept everyone honest. At training, Jack always worked hard and inspired others with that work ethic. That work ethic will see Jack’s development improve in leaps and bounds. Always one to stick to the defence first idea at the tigers, Jack is a proud tiger, and we are proud he is a tiger as well. Keep up the great work Jack and we look forward to seeing you get better and better over the next few seasons.



Eamon Seal

Club Debut – 2017

Career Games – 68


Eamon joined the team this year and made an immediate impact. As a key cog in the team’s forward line, Eamon played a very unselfish role where he normally looked for his teammates to give the ball to rather than shooting for goal himself. A good mark and a good kick with excellent goal sense, Eamon provided some wonderful highlights this season and the team really got around him and celebrated with him. He came out of his shell as the season went on and we got to know the real Eamon and he cemented himself as a big part of the Tiger’s team and club and we are happy to have him here. A quiet individual, a competitor on the field, and a passionate Tiger, what a great combination.



Mitchell Smith

Club Debut – 2019

Career Games – 64


Mr Utility, Mitchy played right across the park. We saw games with him in the midfield early in the season, back at fullback for a big chunk and then finished the season up forward. It didn’t matter where he was put, Mitch put his head down, bum up and gave it his all. His passion and drive for the team is evident every time he comes to training or games. He gives his all for the jersey and his mates that share that field with him. A ruthless competitor in every game. Mitch has high expectations on himself, but he should know how incredibly proud we all are to have him as part of this team and how much we look forward to seeing him develop on and off the field in the coming years. A great year.




Ryan Stendell

Club Debut – 2022

Career Games – 13



Ryan was our attack dog in the middle. He loved the physical nature of the contest and the tackle. That is where he shines. A hard worker who is diligent and committed to the task and pushes himself to be that defensive person that his teammates can rely on. Never backs away from a challenge, everyone in the team knew that Ryan had their back when the going got tough and that he could be relied on, and he just wouldn’t disappoint. Never the biggest tiger on the park but had the heart and work ethic to roll the sleeves up and get to the tough stuff as good as anyone. That will bode him well both on and off the field throughout his life. Hard work is better than skill every day and Ryan embodies the hard-working spirit that will go far.



Bailey Stewart

Club Debut – 2019

Career Games – 40


What a speed demon! The scary part about the amount of speed that Bailey has is, he hardly looks like he is moving yet others keep going backwards. Bailey had a terrific year and really cemented his spot as an important piece of our jigsaw puzzle. As the season progressed Bailey became a player that was able to play both sides of the ball with a good mark and run and carry game in attack, and an excellent tackle in defence. His ability to change from one to the other was as good as anyone in the team. Bailey is very unassuming but was highly rated among his teammates, coaches and opposition who had to give him attention. A true credit to himself is the humility he shows and how hard he continues to work. He should be incredibly proud of himself.



Keeanu Vela

Club Debut – 2022

Career Games – 12


We saw as big a transformation in Keeanu throughout the season as we did with anyone. Keeanu played a bit forward and a bit down back but found his calling as a midfield bull! Keeanu plays the team game as good as anyone. Great with shepherds and blocks and has good ball handling skills, Keeanu generally made good decisions to support his teammates on field and off it. Keeanu’s skills got better throughout the year due to his hard work and dedication which grew on him as the season went on. He became more interested in the game through his team and teammates and it was great to see the fire in him starting to burn and get him committed. Unfortunately, Keeanu’s season finished early due to injury but that doesn’t diminish the impact he had all season in what was a wonderful year.



Isaac Webster

Club Debut – 2019

Career Games – 66


Development of key forwards often comes later than those that can play midfield as it’s a different skill set. Isaac showed this year how much he is developing those skills beyond most of those around him or against him. A formidable opponent for any back, Isaac’s skill to be able to mark well above head and to kick off both feet is not something a lot of kids can do (or adults for that matter) and its proof of persistence and hard work to develop that. Isaac was captain this year and he led the team through a successful season and should be proud of that. Not only that but Isaac was very welcoming of the new players in the team this year and had a big hand in helping them feel welcome. Well done on a great year.




Zakariya Younes

Club Debut – 2019

Career Games – 61


Zaki improved in leaps and bounds this year. Started the season as a bit of a Mr Fix-it but became one of our rocks in defence that just kept turning up when we needed him. Towards the end of the season, Zaki was one of the first magnets placed on the board each week as we knew he would bring accountability in the backline while also offering us attack from there. I think even Zaki would agree that his game when we defeated the magpies was a highlight with him stopping their run forward but provided attack himself (even kicking a goal from the backline). Add to this, Zaki is a great young man who is quiet and reserved but gets on with it. It all makes him a very valuable part of this team.



Mateusz Zwolak

Club Debut – 2021

Career Games – 9


Mat had a little bit of an interrupted season, but he didn’t let that stop him from having an impact. Another of our wonderful utility players that spent time forward and back, Mat was reliable and trustworthy. The team knew that Mat would give his everything to help in any way he could. A very quiet young man, Mat began to lend his voice to important team conversations as the season went on and we were all able to benefit from that. Already showing all the traits of a hard worker that will do what needs to be done to benefit the bigger scheme of things, Mat has had a magnificent season and we look forward to seeing many more over the next few years.

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