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Under 13’s  2022



Coach’s Report for 2022 Season …



To say it was a tough year for the players in this team was I think an understatement. Without a regular coach at the start of the year, and not enough players from any one club, we ended up with a hybrid team from the Bullsharks, Magpies and Tigers. Then as the year progressed, a lack of commitment from some, some injuries and other unavailability’s meant we were totally reliant on younger age groups to get on the park.


To this end, there was a lot of unheralded (and unseen) work from all 3 clubs in the background to get players lined up, so a big thanks to the 3 committees for their help.


Round 2 saw the team win its first (and only) game for the year with the help of some div 1 players, but after this it was a hard slog for the team.


Chris Walker identified early the need for the team to have a regular coach and stepped into the hole, but unfortunately had already committed to the Tigers under 12’s team, which meant when there was a conflict in schedules, the 13’s would again get a different voice.  It was at this stage, I asked Chris if he minded me stepping in to give them a regular voice and message for the remainder of the year, which he agreed to let me do.  It proved to be one of the more enjoyable coaching stints I have had, so I must thank Chris for allowing me to get involved.


Up to this point, the team its fair to say was out of its depth in the grade they were in, so I sat down with those who were at training and asked them what they wanted to get out of the rest of the year. They told me they didn’t want to forfeit again, they wanted to not be mercy ruled, they wanted to kick a goal, and they wanted to win a quarter.


Pleasingly, all their goals were met, and by the last 3 games we had started to bring a competitive brand of footy, and while we still lost, we absolutely looked like we had turned a corner and matched our opponents in most areas of the game other than the scoreboard which will come with a few further adjustments and commitment to training from all, not just some.


Overall, I was so proud of the progress we made during the back end of the year, as well as the way the mainstays of the team kept fronting up week in week out regardless of how hard the game was going to be to have a kick of the footy with their mates.


I would like to thank all the parents who made the efforts to get their children to games and training, the committees for their work behind the scenes in keeping the team going (and for letting me get involved), the under 12’s coaches and players who helped get us on the park most weeks, my “assistant” Aaron Stabb, our manager Maria Stavros (great job legend!!) any anyone who coached or managed the team in the first part of the year. It takes many hands to get a team through the year, so on behalf of myself and all the players, your efforts were much appreciated.



Finally and most importantly to the players, a great group of young men who showed incredible resilience, courage and character throughout the year, I thank you all for listening to me (sometimes) and for fronting up through sometimes difficult circumstances. You have earnt my respect and I am happy to help any of you anytime in the future.





Chris Hunt



Now lets meet the Under 13’s  …



 Lachlan Farrell

Club Debut – 2016

Career Games – 86  



Highly skilled and very tough, Lachlan loves to take the game on and is most at home in the backs. We had to play him in the mid’s a bit this year, and he always gave a good account of himself.





Bruno Porta

Club Debut – 2022

Career Games – 3 


New with 3 rounds to go, Bruno (and his father) have a real zest for the game. Always smiling and keen to learn, Bruno had a crack in many positions, but seems to have a natural ability in the ruck.




Liam Stabb

Club Debut – 2018

Career Games – 47 


Continued to improve throughout the season, Liam was another who greatly improved over the back end of the year, a good defender who continues to impress with his tenacity around the ball




Zachary Stabb

Club Debut – 2018

Career Games – 47 


Zac lifted the team with his hard work, and improved his game out of sight in the back half of the year. Very tough and has begun to develop the ability to shut down an opponent very well.




 Peter Stavros

Club Debut – 2018

Career Games – 57 


Really worked hard on his skills and was one of our most consistent trainers. Just needs to believe in himself a bit more to have a real impact on the game, as I know he can do it

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