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Under 17’s  2022




Assistant Coach: 




Coach’s Report for 2022 Season …


I came into this year with no expectations. When I first got told about this team, I was told that there was a merge between 2 clubs that haven’t had the best experience these past couple of years. I said yes to this team straight away. You all have blown me away from the very first time I met all of you.


From the very first training session and all throughout the year, I knew we had a very skilful team, but the challenge was to learn how to play as one. The beginning of this footy season started interrupted with the all the rain around and abandoning the 1st two games which took us to round three where we ended up going against Glebe in a close win.  From this game, I learnt that we clicked straight away and learned how to dig deep when things got tough and I was very excited for the rest of the year.


From training we talked about how we wanted to play our footy.  We knew that we wanted to play an attacking brand of football but also work as a team. I was impressed by the way the boys worked together considering they had played no football together. We were also as impressive as a defensive unit keeping teams to low scores. This was a sign of a team that I knew could go far in a comp.  We went from strength to strength throughout the year and improved as a team. Throughout the middle stages of the year we simply dominated the competition with winning 15 games in a row and 7 of them being mercy. I made sure we played every game as if it was a new team but every week, we proved to ourselves that we were the benchmark of the competition and it was going to be very hard to beat us. Our resilience and determination showed through throughout the year with teams trying there best to knock us off but we took every challenge on head first, and one of the main highlights of the year was when Cronulla who were struggling at the time only showed up with 15 players and asked us to help them out. When I asked the players to help them out no one argued and tried there best when on their team and gave us a challenge. We then received an email from there club saying that they appreciated our boys helping them out and gave them confidence for weeks to come. This showed me that footy is more than a game and for us to help them out was really good to see.


Towards the back end of the year our winning streak continued and seeing everyone getting involved was great. Rounds 12,13,14 and 15, I challenged our team to expand our game to improve heading into a final’s series, which took a bit of work but at training we worked on this and it really showed through especially later on in the year. Round 16 was a game I think everyone was waiting for with the top of the table clash and I guess finally a test. We knew Glebe were one of our main competitors and was going to be a tough game especially playing at their home field, unfortunately this was our first loss but I think this fielded us heading into the 1st week of the finals and seeing the disappointment in the boys faces was actually good to see because it showed me that they cared. We knew we were taking them on again in the qualifying finals and with a bit more of a strategy around the game and playing back at Greenway we came out on top and straight into the grand final.




Unfortunately, we didn’t get the win but I was proud of the boys’ efforts all year, they did themselves proud. I want to give Adam, Grant and Dan a massive thank you, these guys made my life so much easier and we wouldn’t have gotten as far if it wasn’t for them. Also, to the parents, I want to thank you on your commitment for the whole year, footy wouldn’t survive if it wasn’t for you.


That’s it from me, Goodluck for 2023 and I’m sure all of you will do great.



Jaydon Fretwell






Now lets meet the Under 17’s Div.3  …





Luca Esposito

Club Debut – 2015

Career Games –85  


Luca’s commitment and dedication to the game is what makes him such a great footballer. Luca played a different position this year and was a key player to our backline.



Nikolaos Kalofonos

Club Debut – 2016

Career Games –86 


Nikolas was another player that showed dedication to the team. He showed up to every game a helped out whenever is need. I thought of Nicholas as my utility player and I knew whenever he was needed, he would be able to do the job at task.



Isaac Kanj

Club Debut – 2019

Career Games – 51 


Isaac was the heart and soul of our team his pace and stamina were the reason why he was such a great player on the wing. Somehow Isaac never got tired and would continuously run up and down the ground all day.



Ashton Main

Club Debut – 2019

Career Games – 42 


Ashton played out of his normal position but I think has found a new home at fullback his ability to read the play and flight on the ball is outstanding and with another preseason at this spot I think he will blemish into a really great player.



Liam Mellish

Club Debut – 2014

Career Games – 105 


Liam was one of the most committed players on the team he would show up at every game and training session. Liam was a massive help at fullback as well with being in a rotation with Ashton. They worked really well together and I think could be dynamic duo to look out for next year.



Zac Rawson

Club Debut – 2011

Career Games – 172 


Zac’s set shot routine is one of the best I’ve seen. Zac’s knowledge of the game and his ability to read the game really stood out to me. Zac’s only going to get better with age and more experience and with that he will become a very good Centre Half Forward for any team. I’m really excited to see what he does next year




Nathan Smith

Club Debut – 2017

Career Games – 80  


Nathans pace and attack on the footy made him a great player on a halfback flank, unfortunately he came down with an ankle injury throughout the year but his dedication to the team and his willingness to stand up in the big moments was great to see.




Pablo Tihanyi

Club Debut – 2022

Career Games – 14 


Pablo was the only player in our team that it was his first year to AFL.  If you were the opposition, you wouldn’t think that his ability to pick up the sport so quickly was unbelievable and his willingness to learn was unmatched, with more experience and dedication I believe Pablo will become a very good footballer and his another one I’m excited to see what he can do next year.



Andrew Walker

Club Debut – 2012

Career Games – 133 



Andrew was always in the right place at the right time.  He had a bit of a positional switch throughout the year but didn’t shy away for the challenge thrown his way. Andrew told me at the start of the year he wasn’t the best at set shots but by the end of the year I reckon he scored more goals from set shots than anything else.



Kalin Zummer

Club Debut – 2018

Career Games – 53 


Kalin wears his heart on his sleeve and that shows when his on the field his not afraid to get hurt and will always put his team first. Kalin asked a lot of questions throughout the year and his improvement was remarkable to see.

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